If you have any questions that are not answered here, please call 0141 883 4414.

Q. What fees do I have to pay?
A. There are no fees to pay what so ever, No Valuation Fees, No Estate Agency Fees; we will even pay up to £1000 towards your legal fees. We will manage the whole process for you from start to finish free of charge. It’s even free to call us on 0800 xxxx xxx [return to top]

Q. How much will I get for my property?
A. We offer very competitive prices that match the right solution for you. We often find that we are rarely beaten especially when you consider the whole package you receive from us. We do of course buy below market value, the exact amount depending on the property and the area, but please be wary of misleading companies quoting elusive percentages. [return to top]

Q. Can I stay in my home?
A. As long as the rent is paid and you adhere to a normal rental agreement. [return to top]

Q. How long does it take?
A. We complete within 2 – 6 weeks. [return to top]

Q. What’s in it for Forest Kirk Properties?
A. We are buying your property below the market value in exchange for a guaranteed sale. [return to top]

Q. What guarantees do I have that you won’t drop your offer?
A. We commit to buy your property in 24 hours and we sign a legally binding document which commits us to buy your property and for you to sell. [return to top]

Q. Why should I use Forest Kirk Properties?
A. Because we do what we say on time and the figure we offer is the figure you will get. We also tailor our offer to your specific needs and go out of our way to ensure we give you the best possible solution. [return to top]

Q. Do I have to do any work?
A. No. We manage the whole process for you from start to finish and we can also instruct a good solicitor for you. [return to top]

Q. Do I need to find a solicitor?
No. We have a number of very good solicitors which we would happily recommend to you purely to ensure the whole process is swift. All solicitors we do recommend must of course, be regulated by the Law Society. [return to top]

Q. Are there any hidden costs?
A. None what so ever. [return to top]

Q. Do I need a Home Information Pack (HIP) before selling to you?
No. You do not need a Home Information Pack for a private sale with us hence yet another saving for you. [return to top]

Q. I am being repossessed tomorrow what can you do?
A. We are able to stop repossessions in a matter of hours. [return to top]

Q. I don’t want my neighbours to know I am selling
A. We are 100% confidential there will be no for sale board erected out side the property. [return to top]

Q. Why should I sell below market value?
A. We recommend you try your local estate agent first or speak to us about your situation and we can best advise what solution you should try first. [return to top]

Q. How do you establish the true market value?
A. We look at historical sales and current market trends. We also have years of experience and also a local surveyor will carry out a survey to get an accurate valuation of your property. [return to top]

Q. Can I buy my property back?
A. Yes, after renting back for a minimum of 5 years you will have the option to buy the property back at a discount to the market. [return to top]

Q. How does a Sell & Rent Back Option work?
A. We arrange for you to sell your home and continue to live in it as a tenant paying a below market rent. It can be a short term lease, allowing you to sort out your finances before moving on, or it can be more long term if you are keen to remain in your home with your family. A rent-free period may even be offered, if that’s suitable. The whole process is very discreet and confidential. There are no “For Sale” or “Sold” signs erected outside your home and you don’t have the stress of moving house at an already difficult time. [return to top]

Q. Can I rent back short term?
A. Yes our rent back agreement is flexible with just 1 months notice. [return to top]

Q. My property is in poor condition will you still buy it?
A. Yes we buy any properties in any condition. [return to top]

Q. Can I sell an inherited property?
A. Yes, once it goes through the probate process we will buy the property from you. [return to top]

Q. Are you a trustworthy and reliable property buyer?
Yes. We have an excellent track record with no bad press. We strive to be the most trustworthy, reliable and financially suitable property buyer in the UK – we are customer driven, ethically led. We have never, and will never, conduct any sharp practices to the detriment of our sound reputation and long-term business outlook. [return to top]

Q. Where do you buy properties?
A. We buy nationwide across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. [return to top]

Q. I’ve received your offer and would like some time to think about it. How long is it valid for?
A. Our offers are valid for a minimum of 28 days and we never employ any pressure whatsoever, take whatever time you need. [return to top]

Q. I know someone who would benefit from your services, are you interested?
Yes of course. If you do introduce us to someone who benefits from our services and we buy their property then we would pay you a lucrative referral fee of up to £1,000! [return to top]

Q. How do I find out more?
Call us now on 0141 883 4414 or contact us through the Contact Us Page.